Unlocking Education for All

11 December 2019

In Bristol West, nearly 1/3 of teachers leave the classroom within five years due to workload and funding cuts and 94% of schools face a funding shortfall. [1]

The Green Party would end the financial squeeze on schools and increase funding by at least £4 billion per year.

We would strengthen the link between schools and the communities they serve, by bringing all schools back into the control of democratically elected local authorities.

Education should be about nurturing potential and inspiring a love of learning. But the freedom to let children play, flourish and grow has been replaced with endless testing and measuring which demoralises teachers and piles pressure on children and young people.

Further and Higher Education has been turned into a commodity, when it should be a basic right.

The Green Party is proud to invest in future generations. We want to ensure that all children receive the basic elements of a good childhood: a decent place to live; safety and security in their community; time and space to play; as well as opportunities to learn and develop inside and outside of school.

As an MP I will fight to unlock education and rebuild a system on the principles that learning must be lifelong, liberating and accessible to all. The key pillars of a Green education system are:

  • Replacing OFSTED with a collaborative system of assessing and supporting schools locally.
  • Smaller class sizes; broaden education to include more sport, arts, music, culture, environment and nature lessons; and shift formal lessons in school to start at six years old.
  • Creating a fully inclusive system, where children with special education needs are able to access their local school with the provision of specially trained teachers across the school system. Specialist schools will be retained for children and parents who prefer that option.
  • Reviving the further education sector to provide a wider choice of academic and vocational learning; and increase funding for adult education.
  • Raising the funding rate for 16-17-year-olds; establish an annual rise in line with inflation, at the same time as introducing a capital expansion fund for sixth form providers.
  • Scrapping undergraduate tuition fees and write off existing debt for former students who studied under the £9,000 tuition fee regime.
  • Tackling barriers to education of children, and professional development of staff, from minority or under-represented groups.
  • Removing the charitable status from private schools, and they would pay all relevant taxes such as VAT and Corporation Tax. Private schools would also be subject to regular independent audits, to improve accessibility disadvantaged young people in our society.

1. National Education Union – Analysis of schools funding Sept. 2019 and
School Cuts – Region & Deprivation Analysis, verified Nov. 2019

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