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Greens Launch Manifesto – The boldest transformation of the UK and Bristol

19 November 2019

Tackling the climate emergency is the centrepiece of the Green Party’s proposal to voters. It is a bold plan to spend £100bn a year transforming the economy in order to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Policies on housing, transport, industry and the economy are focused around this central premise: the economy and Bristol as a whole can be revitalised in a way that will help fend off the climate crisis.

The Green New Deal would transform the UK over the next decade into a net-zero carbon economy through a comprehensive set of interventions including proposals to:

  • Expand renewable energy to produce 70% of the UK’s electricity , while rapidly phasing out fossil fuels and introducing a carbon tax on fossil fuel imports.
  • Create millions of new jobs in renewable energy, transport, land management, housing and other sectors transformed by the transition to a net zero carbon economy
  • Give power and resources for devolved governments, elected mayors and local governments to transform the communities they represent.

On Brexit, the Green Party promises a second referendum and would campaign to stay in the EU.
Parliamentary reforms are also needed. The Green Party would push to improve transparency, introduce proportional representation, grant votes for 16-year-olds and replace the House of Lords with an elected second chamber.

On the manifesto Carla said, “This is the boldest transformation promised to Bristol and to the UK as a whole by any political party. I am proud to be standing on a manifesto that puts us on track to decarbonise every single sector of the economy by 2030, while delivering social justice across Britain. Bristol is at its heart a Green city, bursting to the brim with environmental activists, renewable energy professionals and innovative green businesses trying to ensure our planet stays livable. But it is also an unequal and divided city, with many families unable to think about the climate because they are struggling to get food on the table. Our policies tackle these twin crises simultaneously because we understand they have shared causes and shared solutions.”

The party also announced 10 key pieces of legislation that the new Green MPs will introduce in the first two years of a new Parliament. The full list of bills is available here.

The full manifesto is available here.

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