Democracy does not end!

13 December 2019

Following a strong campaign, Green Party Parliamentary candidate, Carla Denyer came second in Bristol West’s election with nearly 25% of the vote. This is an upswing of 12% from the general election result of 2017.

Carla said; “I’m obviously devastated to not win this time around, and it is shocking that the Conservatives now have control of Government.” Meanwhile, with over 850,000 votes cast for the Green Party of England and Wales – 25,605 from Bristol’s four constituencies – the Greens return just one MP to Parliament.

“Obviously, the Labour Party is also disappointed with the outcome and I hope they will now realise how critical it is to replace First Past The Post with a proportional system which delivers a fair result – and would give a much better chance of keeping the Conservatives out of power.”

“On a personal level, I want to say to every voter who wanted a different outcome – Don’t lose hope! Democracy does not start and does not end in the voting booth. We can still fight the morally bankrupt ideologies of the Conservatives through campaigns, protests, petitions and solidarity. Change will happen if we want it; and if we fight for it.”

Carla continues in her role as Green Party councillor for Clifton Down, representing the ward’s residents on Bristol City Council.

“I am grateful to my campaign team who have been utterly brilliant, to James Cox (the Lib Dem who stood aside as part of the Unite to Remain alliance), to the thousands of volunteers from across the country, and of course to all those who voted for me. To them, I want to say – Your voice has been heard. We will continue to hold the Tories to account whenever we can, and I will continue to hold Labour to account in my role as a Green councillor in Bristol City Hall. And, in the local elections next year we will offer a positive alternative for the city leadership in the shape of Sandy Hore-Ruthven, our mayoral candidate.”

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