Carla Denyer announces the Green Energy Revolution

09 December 2019
  • The Green Party will invest £12 billion a year in renewables for energy revolution.
  • Investment will create 75,000 clean energy jobs, empower local communities in enabling them to develop their own renewable projects.
  • The Green New Deal includes a major devolution of power to local authorities which could benefit Bristol City and its citizens.

The Green Party has announced that it will invest £12 billion a year in renewables to revolutionise the way we produce energy and produce 75,000 jobs in the process.

Fully costed plans include a massive investment of £8.4bn each year to build an additional 40,000 wind turbines by 2030, providing 70% of the UK’s electricity [1].

The radical proposals form part of the Green Party’s ambitious Green New Deal which aims to ensure the UK is on track to carbon neutral by 2030 [2].

The Greens will also provide additional support for other renewable energies such as solar, geothermal, tidal and hydro to provide much of the remainder of the UK’s energy supply by the end of the next decade.

Former Green Party leader and candidate for Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, was in Bristol with Carla Denyer – Bristol Councillor and parliamentary candidate for Bristol West. They visited the large solar installation on the roof of We The Curious.

Denyer, a former Renewables Engineer, announced the Green Party’s energy policy, at Everoze – a renewables and energy storage consultancy. She explained that; “Our plans are ambitious and optimistic. But the time for delay on climate action is over. We have the technology to go carbon neutral. We have the people and we have the skills. All we need is the will. The time for action is now.”

The policy favours enabling local communities to develop their own renewable energy projects, so that the benefits of locally generated energy can stay local.

Caroline Lucas added; “We need a radical transformation of our energy system if we are to meet net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Investing in community based renewable energy will not only help reach that target, but also puts power in people’s hands.”

  1. The proposed split is 15,000 offshore turbines and 25,000 onshore turbines. This will increase the overall amount of energy from UK wind to over 100 GW (gigawatt) by 2030 (it currently stands at around 20 GW).
    The total project cost for installing an onshore wind turbine averages out at £1.25 million. The total project cost for installing an offshore wind turbine averages out at £3 million.Building 25,000 onshore turbines would therefore cost £31.25 billion by 2030. Building 15,000 offshore turbines would therefore cost £45 billion by 2030.Our ten years of spending £8.4 billion on wind energy would create a total pot of £84 billion. The combined onshore and offshore cost would take up £76.25 billion of this pot. The remaining £7.75 billion of the fund will be used for ongoing maintenance of wind assets, meeting unforeseen costs and ensuring that these assets remain in community hands.This investment of £8.4 billion a year will come the £94.4 billion per year capital expenditure part of the Green New Deal, to come from borrowing.
  2. The Green Party pledge to invest £100 billion a year for the next decade into climate action as part of the most ambitious Green New Deal of any political party. The £12bn investment each year will come from £94.4 billion per year capital expenditure, part of the Green New Deal, to come from borrowing.The borrowing will also pay for a related infrastructure improvement, needed to make this expansion in wind power work – a doubling in capacity of the National Grid (cost of £10.4 billion). This will mean that we will have the ability to store the extra electricity generated.

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